On the Fuller trail

On the way back from spending the last few days at my dads we decided to stop off in Brightling to look at Mad Jack Fuller’s grave. It is certainly unique and the ideal place for my daughter to get a picture for a book reading competition.

Whilst there we had a look inside the St Thomas a Becket church. Here is a list of rectors, I will transcribe later.

St George’s Church, Arreton, Isle of Wight – Memorial Inscriptions

I have just returned from a very hot holiday in the Isle of Wight with the family. Just south east of Newport you can find ‘Arreton Barns’ which hosts a collection of craftsmen and women and their wares. Next to this is St George’s Church which is a wonderful place. I have photographed most of the memorial inscriptions inside the church with varying degrees of quality, but they may be helpful if you have relatives in that area.

All Memorial Inscriptions

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Rectors at St Laurence Church, Catsfield

  • 1276 Stephen De Chillye083
  • 1306 Simon De Wynchelse
  • 1332 Stephen ‘is rector’
  • 1344 William Chilli
  • 1361 Gilbert Osmund
  • 1382 Thomas De La Port
  • 1388 John Lytlington
  • 1388 John Coupere
  • 1397 Richard Dulyan
  • 1400 Robert Reygate
  • 1407 John Tydelsyde
  • 1407 John Maister
  • 1415 Thomas Dalyngton
  • 1425 John Shryvenham
  • 1478 William Freston
  • 1527 James Haryson
  • 1527 John Robart
  • 1528 Martin Robart
  • 1531 William Dychborne
  • 1545 Thomas Levett
  • 1546 Thomas Browne
  • 1560 Peter Bennett
  • 1589 Henry Mounkes
  • 1606 Thomas Large
  • 1612 Thomas Harryson
  • 1624 John James
  • 1637 Richard Hodgskin
  • 1677 John Hammond
  • 1708 Edward Stapeley
  • 1720 Arthur Coster
  • 1750 Charles Coldcall
  • 1794 William Delves
  • 1810 William Trivett
  • 1815 William Delves
  • 1825 Denny Ashburnham
  • 1845 Burrell Hayley
  • 1880 John Daubeney
  • 1882 Charles P Eden
  • 1895 James Parker
  • 1909 Charles H S Matthews
  • 1914 Ernest E Ridge
  • 1922 Joseph A Bishop
  • 1924 Marcus _ Truman
  • 1957 The Earl of Lauderdale
  • 1960 Arthur C A Chetwynd-Talbot
  • 1973 Victor R Cassam
  • 1981 Laurence J A Melliss
  • 1986 Dennis J Taylor
  • 2002 Jonathan Warwick Beswick

10 unfortunate deaths

There are a number of very unfortunate deaths you can find when browsing through coroners records.

Here are 10 of the most unfortunate

  1. Killed by the tackle of a windmill
  2. Scalded to death by falling into a keeler of hot beer
  3. Killed by the floor of a granary falling on him
  4. Fell into a dung hole and was suffocated
  5. Poisoned by incautiously eating of the root of hemlock dropwort
  6. Died in consequence of drinking boiling water out of a tea-kettle
  7. Accidentally scalded to death by boiling coffee falling upon her in consequence of her pulling down the tea table
  8. Died suddenly in crossing a stile
  9. Accidentally fell from a cart laden with clover upon the fang of a prong
  10. Accidentally killed whilst repairing a well at Mr Marchant’s by the coulter of a plough falling into the well on his head

Victorian Village – 1858

These people appear on Reverend Coker Egertons Diaries of Burwash in 1858. If you would like a look up please ask below.

Victorian Village – 1858
Miss Blunden, postmasters daughter
Mr Harding
Old Hawkins
Mr Brook, music tutor
Isted child, funeral
Sally Weston
Mrs Sands
Edmund King
Samuel Waterhouse, age 65, funeral
Mrs Hetherington, widow
Mr Wetherell, funeral Ticehurst
Mrs Hyland
Wheel wall, master of Trinity College
Miss Hashall
Mrs Radcliffe
William Eastwood, road haulier, funeral age 74
Edward Dann
Mr Hyland
Mrs Luck nee Budd
Mr Mackintosh
Pankhurst, Greenwood
John Harmer
Richard Pilbeam
Alfred Cornwall
Joe Blackford, Sallers Brook
Rebecca Croft
Mr Newington
Sergeant Peerless
Mrs Caller
Mrs Watson
Mrs Pope
Mrs Balcombe
Mrs Booth
Old Wood
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Pilbeam, school mistress
Mrs Hook
Mr Barton, stockbroker
James Copper
Mr Smith, farm owner near Rye Green
Mrs Gogmunden of Rye Green
Mr Sargeat
Mr Courthope
Mr Pennels
Mr Morland
J Hilder, Ham Lane
Mr Piper, Hawkhurst
Mr Pope, Brooks Marl
Stephen Elliott
Vergill, female
Mr Cramp, Bough Farm
Mr Taylor
Mr Coppard, overseer of the poor
Jenner Child, funeral
Mrs Tom Vidlef
Testers, Park Farm
Mr Hawkins
Richard Hawkins
Mrs Baker, tenant Honeysetts Mill
Mr Law
John Noakes
Mrs Barrow
Levi Luck
Mr Tilley
Mr & Mrs Dunk
James Caller
John Dann, farmer
Frank Russell, farmer
Mr Combs, post Morton
Mrs Cruttenden
Mrs Hawkins
Henry Waterhouse, funeral, 63
Relf child, funeral
Mr Franks
Mr Cox
Joseph Pittfold
Mary Taylor
Mr Gould
George Fagg Gilbert
Miss Hagley
Miss Easton
James Smith
Richard Balcombe, Glyddish Farm
Mr Bagshawe, farmer
Mr Gibbs
Pankhurst, Pump Court
Henry Pennalls
Mrs Head
Mr Jackson, Brightling
Mrs Waterhouse
Sergeant Major Bond
Ellis Eaton
Mrs Mepham
William Eyles
Mrs Radcliffe
Miss Tilley
Tom Relf, Rocks
Richard Chandler
Mr Joel Newington, the Green
James Payne
Mrs Bull nee Bowles, Brooks Marl
Richard Relf
William Newington