A look at the Webbs of Catsfield Part 1

The first instance of the WEBB family in Catsfield comes from two brothers Isaac and Richard born to Isaac & Mary WEBB in Bexhill in 1710 and 1713 respectively. It is possible that they moved to Ashburnham before they appear in the registers of Catsfield in the late 1730’s. They both married in Ashburnham, Isaac to Ann GOODALE in 1729 and Richard to Ann THARPE in 1737 and then at some point they moved into Catsfield.

I will start with a look at Richard’s family and descendants as it is smaller.

Richard and Ann have two children: Richard and John born in 1739 and 1743 respectively. There are no further records of Richard & Ann and their child Richard beyond this point. John Webb marries Ann before 1765 but there are no records detailing the date or her surname. They have one child John born in 1765 and again beyond that date there are no records of this family.

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