A look at the Webbs of Catsfield Part 4

In the 1841 census we find a new WEBB family living at the house in Henleys Down. Stephen WEBB 25 Ag Lab with his wife Caroline GATES 20 and their children Caroline 2 and John 5 months old. They share the house with Sarah WEBB 65, James 10, Charles 8 and Caroline 20.
It took some time to unwind this family, finding out that Sarah was the mother of Stephen and Caroline and that James & Charles were the children of two other of Sarah’s children. This is the story of that family.
John WEBB born 1773 (Based upon burial records) married Sarah HISCOCK in 1796 in Whatlington. Sarah’s family had been moved from her birth place of Salehurst to Whatlington in 1777. Now I am unsure as to whether they moved around a bit due to John being an Agricultural Labourer or whether they just had their children baptised at different churches but the following children were born to them: John 1797 Westfield, Mary Ann 1799 Burwash, Jane 1801 Burwash, Phillis 1803 Westfield, Eliza 1805 Westfield, William 1807 Westfield, Harriet 1810 Westfield, Hannah 1813 Westfield, Stephen 1814 Catsfield, Caroline 1817 Catsfield.
My supposition is that they lived with Isaac WEBBs family until they all died before 1838, the family of John & Sarah is then the only one shown in the 1841 census.
This suggests that there must be a link between John WEBB b1773 and Isaac Webb b1763. There are no records of a birth of John Webb in 1773 and his birth date is taken from the burial registers which could well be wrong. It is possible but by no means provable at the moment that John was in fact the son of John & Ann WEBB born in 1765. That family moved away from Catsfield at some point and John then moved back with his family later. John and Isaac would be second cousins and with no other family in the area could explain why they moved in to the same house in Henleys Down.

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