Sayers Family

I spent the Easter weekend travelling to Ashington and Washington in search of some Sayers family who might be connected to my mothers side of the family the Barhams.
Not much success in Washington but took a number of pictures of Golds family members who might be related.
Pictures from St Mary’s, Washington

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In Ashington I found a number of the Sayers family and spent the next day on Ancestry trying to connect them up to the ones I know about already with a certain degree of success. So not a wasted journey.

Photos from St Peter & St Paul, Ashington

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1 thought on “Sayers Family

  1. Brilliant pictures of the grave stones.
    I’m not sure how the Sayers are connected to me but I’m sure they are. All my Sayers ancestors come from around Sussex and they were all big families.
    I’m back to John Sayers b. about 1700. He lived in the Lingfield/East Grindstead area. Through that century they travelled south almost along the A22 marrying people from small villages along the way until they settled in Twineham at the beginning of the 1800’s and then some of their family, the ones I am connected to moved further down to Brighton. My great grandfather, Ernest Sayers b.1867 joined the Royal Sussex Regiment when he was 18 (he was actually 16) and was based at Fulwood Barracks in Preston, Lancashire before being posted to Egypt. when Ernest never returned he stayed in Lancashire even though his wife, my great grandma, is from Lincolnshire. They actually married in Preston, Lancashire then moved to Liverpool and on to Manchester where there is now a large group of the Sayers family.

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