Victorian Village – 1858

These people appear on Reverend Coker Egertons Diaries of Burwash in 1858. If you would like a look up please ask below.

Victorian Village – 1858
Miss Blunden, postmasters daughter
Mr Harding
Old Hawkins
Mr Brook, music tutor
Isted child, funeral
Sally Weston
Mrs Sands
Edmund King
Samuel Waterhouse, age 65, funeral
Mrs Hetherington, widow
Mr Wetherell, funeral Ticehurst
Mrs Hyland
Wheel wall, master of Trinity College
Miss Hashall
Mrs Radcliffe
William Eastwood, road haulier, funeral age 74
Edward Dann
Mr Hyland
Mrs Luck nee Budd
Mr Mackintosh
Pankhurst, Greenwood
John Harmer
Richard Pilbeam
Alfred Cornwall
Joe Blackford, Sallers Brook
Rebecca Croft
Mr Newington
Sergeant Peerless
Mrs Caller
Mrs Watson
Mrs Pope
Mrs Balcombe
Mrs Booth
Old Wood
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Pilbeam, school mistress
Mrs Hook
Mr Barton, stockbroker
James Copper
Mr Smith, farm owner near Rye Green
Mrs Gogmunden of Rye Green
Mr Sargeat
Mr Courthope
Mr Pennels
Mr Morland
J Hilder, Ham Lane
Mr Piper, Hawkhurst
Mr Pope, Brooks Marl
Stephen Elliott
Vergill, female
Mr Cramp, Bough Farm
Mr Taylor
Mr Coppard, overseer of the poor
Jenner Child, funeral
Mrs Tom Vidlef
Testers, Park Farm
Mr Hawkins
Richard Hawkins
Mrs Baker, tenant Honeysetts Mill
Mr Law
John Noakes
Mrs Barrow
Levi Luck
Mr Tilley
Mr & Mrs Dunk
James Caller
John Dann, farmer
Frank Russell, farmer
Mr Combs, post Morton
Mrs Cruttenden
Mrs Hawkins
Henry Waterhouse, funeral, 63
Relf child, funeral
Mr Franks
Mr Cox
Joseph Pittfold
Mary Taylor
Mr Gould
George Fagg Gilbert
Miss Hagley
Miss Easton
James Smith
Richard Balcombe, Glyddish Farm
Mr Bagshawe, farmer
Mr Gibbs
Pankhurst, Pump Court
Henry Pennalls
Mrs Head
Mr Jackson, Brightling
Mrs Waterhouse
Sergeant Major Bond
Ellis Eaton
Mrs Mepham
William Eyles
Mrs Radcliffe
Miss Tilley
Tom Relf, Rocks
Richard Chandler
Mr Joel Newington, the Green
James Payne
Mrs Bull nee Bowles, Brooks Marl
Richard Relf
William Newington

13 thoughts on “Victorian Village – 1858

  1. Hello! I’m wondering if there is any mention of a Robert Blackford , Thomas Blackford or Harriet Ann (Snashall) Blackford (my 4x great grandfather and my 3x great grandparents)? I found a record of Harriet Ann Blackford’s burial at St. Bartholomew with Edgerton listed as the person who performed the burial. She is listed as having died suddenly and it indicated her husband’s father was “Rev Blackford of Burwash”. Her husband was Thomas Blackford and his father was Robert Blackford. I believe there is a memorial to Robert in the cemetery (death in 1881). But I’ve found no evidence he was a a reverend. Is there any reference to the Blackford or Snashall families in the book?

    • Hi Amy,

      Just to add to Harriet Ann’s burial notes, it says her abode is Marden (most likely the one in Kent) so that might be worthwhile following up.
      Robert died at the age of 75 29/3/1881 and abode is St Philips’, Burwash. There is an Ornate Curved headstone for Robert but it is in poor condition and doesn’t add anything to the burial notes.

      Unfortunately, there is nothing in Egerton’s diaries about them.
      I have had a look through the Church of England clergy database and there is no mention of a Robert Blackford either.

  2. Hi, I have married into Pennells, my children are Pennells, we live in Burwash and we know of a great grandfather called tom Pennells but William by birth, lived in Tom’s cottage in Burwash Weald, anyone know of a link to war memorial

  3. Hi
    I am a descent of the Pennells (Pennalls). I believe Henry was my GGG Grandfather and I think his parent were William and Jemina Pennells. I was wondering what observations does the reverend make about them.

    Kind regards

  4. Wow, this has been very helpful. I may need to do a trip to the church. I am wondering if the headstones are still there, or if there are any headstones, there may not be if they were impoverished. From that list, Sarah Anne F (Feakins) Balcombe is my 3 x Grandmother. Richard Balcombe buried 1870 is my 3 x Grandfather. Henry, Susan and Alice… all buried the same day, I’ve located their records, they were ages 6, 4 and 3. Then Charles Richard was a year old. b1858. It was the norm for families to be buried together.. and so I am pretty sure these are my family. I am still researching this line. I’ve found birth and death records for all of them, I have added them into my tree and these children fill the gaps I between the surviving children. The surviving children left Burwash after the death of Sarah, some of them went to Kent. So …. in answer to my initial question…. ‘who is Mrs Balcombe?’ I think based on the evidence and the fact there were no other Balcombes in Burwash at that time, I can safely conclude that Mrs Balcombe was in fact Mrs Sarah Ann Balcombe nee Feakins. The ‘sick’ boy referred to as ‘ill of ague’ will have been either Walter Richard Mewett b 1848 or John George Mewett b 1846. Walter Richard Mewett died in 1865 is also buried there, you may see his name among the records. When all said and done, it looks as if Mrs Balcombe had a very hard life as the wife of a drunken farmer and it appears her children suffered somewhat. I will now order a death record for the 3 children as I am most certain they either died to a sickness OR there may have been a fatal accident on the farm. Richard himself, died aged 72 in 1872 on the High Street by falling over, he became paralysed due to an injury to his spine. I now can’t help but wonder if this was alcohol induced. Sarah died aged 52 to a stroke. Thank you so much for this information, it has helped a lot.

    • I am glad it has been of some help. Cannot find anything out about the memorial. It may be to do with a list of soldiers who died in the wars.
      I will send you some snippets of Egertons’s diary entries that concern the Balcombe’s.

  5. I was wondering if there is any more detail for the ‘mention of Richard Balcombe’

    I am very intrigued as to establish if this ‘Mrs Balcombe’ is in fact my 3x Grandmother. Sarah Balcombe nee Mewett Maiden name Feakins. She did have 2 older sons, born 1846 & 1848, both of which worked and lived there since 1851 recorded, may have been fora few years prior.

    Sarah worked for Richard Balcombe as a Servant. Her 1st child John b1846 was born to Thomas Mewett in Etchingham, he I believe died in 1847. (waiting for his DC) She then went on to have Walter Richard Mewett b.1848 born in Burwash.

    I believe Walter to be the son of Richard but Richard was not at the Baptism and they were not married at that point.. Sarah marries Richard Balcombe in September 1851, having lived there as Sarah Mewett 1851 census. She then had my Great Great Grandfather Albert b 1852. Both Sarah and Richard died at Glyddish.(Richard d1870 Sarah d.1872) My Grand father moved from Burwash to Kent abt.1879.

    You certainly have given me some further research to do and a mystery to solve 🙂 Is there any chance you could take a photograph of the entry for my genealogy page on Ancestry? If I can prove that this is my Mrs Balcombe, I would very much like to reference it on her timeline

    • I will have a further look for Richard today. Here are some burials for Balcombe at Burwash, two of which you have mentioned.
      Surname First name 2nd name Sex Abode When buried Age Infants Buried by
      Balcomb Henry M Burwash 08/31/1859 6 Gould
      Balcomb Susan F Burwash 08/31/1859 4 Gould
      Balcomb Alice F Burwash 08/31/1859 3 Gould
      Balcomb Charles Richard M Burwash 10/09/1859 2 Egerton
      Balcomb Richard M Burwash 11/01/1870 70 Clarke
      Balcombe Sarah Anne F Burwash 12/12/1872 52 Whitaker

      It also looks as though there is a memorial to “Balcombe” in the Church, I will have a look through a few books to see if I can find it.

  6. Hi, what an interesting site. I am a Balcombe descendant and noticed you have reference to a Mrs Balcombe under the heading Victorian VIllage. I would very much appreciate more information on this record if you have some.

    • Hi Sharon,

      The Reverend John Coker Egerton visited Mrs Balcombe on 3 Mar 1858. He noted he could do nothing about her going into the Union Workhouse. Be interesting to see if she is in the Workhouse in the 1861 census.

      It looks as though he calls on her again on 30 April 1858, “Cottage hardly fit for a pig pound.”. Her husband drinks all the money away and her son a “big, strong fellow” was ill of ague.

      There is also a mention of a Richard Balcombe of Glyddish Farm.

      Hope that helps

      • Thank you so much… Richard Balcombe is my 3rd Great Grandfather, my Great Grans Grandfather! My Great Great grandfather was born in 1852. On the 1861 Census Richard and Sarah Balcombe are still living at Glydidish, he would have been just 6 when this record was written. I am wondering if this Mrs Balcombe is Richards wife…. was he the drinker or could it have been one of his brothers? I am going to find out how many Balcombes were enumerated at living in Burwash 1851-1861 to try and narrow it down. So far I have no recorded siblings for Richard.

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