In 1859 the Post Office Directory describes Catsfield as

  • a parish in the Ninfield Hundred
  • covering 2, 944 acres
  • with a population of 550

There is a national school in the area and Catsfield Place which is the seat of Lady Pilkington. The local pub is the White Hart, at the time run by John Winbourne.

The local church is St Lawrence built in the 13th century, it is described by Arthur Mee in 1937 as ‘perched up on the green banks of a lane, shaded by a weary oak and a vigorous beech. The oak is one of the oldest in Sussex, from forty to fifty feet round.’

There used to be a Methodist Chapel built by village workmen but this has now been converted into a residential dwelling.

By 1878 the population had risen to 707; the largest landowners in Catsfield were the Lady Pilkington, the Earl of Ashburnham, the Duke of Cleveland and Thomas Brassey esq.

Famous People in connection with Catsfield

Thomas Brassey – built a large number of railways

Princess de Lamballe – friend of Marie Antoinette

Residents in 1774

No. Forename Surname Title Abode Freehold Location Contents Occupier

1. Robert Whiting Catsfield House Henry Wren

2. Elius Sinnock Catsfield House & Land Robert Wright

3. Edward Wren Catsfield Wind-mill

Residents in 1820

No. Forename Surname Abode Freehold Location Type Occupier

1. J Eversfield Esq Catsfield Catsfield House and Land Bonter and Others

2. John Blackman Catsfield Catsfield House and Garden Whiting & Others

3. William Quaife Catsfield Catsfield House and Garden Self

4. Thomas Russell Catsfield Catsfield House and Garden Self & Others

5. Thomas Davis Catsfield Catsfield House and Garden Whiting

6. Benjamin Wrenn Catsfield Catsfield House and Mill Self

7. William Sergeant Catsfield Catsfield House and Land Self

8. Isaac Webb Catsfield Catsfield House and Land Self

9. Rev William Delves Catsfield Catsfield Rectory Self

10. James Farmer Catsfield Catsfield House and Garden William Harris

11. John Webb Catsfield Catsfield House and Land Self

12. William Sargeant Catsfield Catsfield House and Land Self

Residents in 1832

No. Forename Surname Abode Registered in

1. James Adams Catsfield Catsfield

2. Francis P Bedingfield Catsfield Catsfield

3. Robert Bontor Jnr Catsfield Catsfield

4. James Chrismas Catsfield Catsfield

5. Thomas Davis Catsfield Catsfield

6. John Foard Catsfield Catsfield

7. Thomas Hilder Catsfield Northiam

8. John Trill Lade Catsfield Catsfield

9. Andrew Pilkington Catsfield Catsfield

10. Uriah Plumbley Catsfield Catsfield

11. Benjamin Waters Catsfield Catsfield

12. Richard Waters Catsfield Catsfield

13. Benjamin Wrenn Catsfield Catsfield

14. Frederick Wrenn Catsfield Catsfield

Residents in 1859

No. Forename Surname Employment Address Place

1. Rev Burrell Hayler Private Resident Catsfield

2. Rev Henry Hedley Private Resident Catsfield

3. Lady Pilkington Private Resident Catsfield

4. Joshua Adams Farmer & Saddler & Harness Maker Catsfield

5. Stephen Adams Farmer Catsfield

6. Jesse Bishop Marine Store Dealer Catsfield

7. John Blackman Painter & Glazier Catsfield

8. Robert Blackman Bricklayer & Builder Catsfield

9. Cornelius Carley Shoemaker Catsfield

10. Stephen Elliott Farmer Tilton Farm Catsfield

11. Edward Evernden Wheelwright Catsfield

12. William Hobbs Farmer Catsfield

13. Charles Robert Honisett Master of National School Catsfield

14. James May Carrier Catsfield

15. John Offen Farmer Park House Catsfield

16. Matthew Pont Blacksmith Catsfield

17. William Putland Engineer Catsfield

18. John Saxby Carpenter Catsfield

19. Henry & Charles Reeves Linendrapers, grocers, millers & bakers Catsfield

20. Joseph Sinden Blacksmith Catsfield

21. George Thomas Auctioneer Catsfield

22. John Upfield Millwright Catsfield

23. Richard & Brothers Waters Farmers Catsfield

24. John Winborn White Hart & Post Office Receiving House Catsfield

25. Frederick Wrenn Miller Catsfield

26. James Wrenn Farmer Catsfield

27. Mrs Mary Wrenn Mistress of National School Catsfield

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Post Office Directory 1859, 1878

The King’s England by Arthur Mee 1937