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Residents in 1774

No. Forename Surname Title Abode Freehold Location Contents Occupier

1. Edw. Hilder Burwash Burwash Vic. Himself

2. Wal. Goldsmith Burwash Burwash House & Land Himself

3. John Golden Burwash Ashburnham House & Land Himself

4. Jno. Courtail Rev. Burwash Burwash Rect.

Residents in 1820

No. Forename Surname Abode Freehold Location Type Occupier

1. John Smith Burwash Burwash Land Self

2. James Newington Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

3. Rev W Curtis Burwash Burwash Rectory Self

4. James Philcox Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

5. John Flurry Burwash Burwash Land Self

6. John Cruttenden Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

7. John Vigor Burwash Burwash House and Land Self & Others

8. James Cane Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

9. George Gilbert Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

10. Edmund Hilder Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

11. Edmund Pilbeam Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

12. Edward Hilder Burwash Burwash House and Land Weston & Others

13. Samuel Noakes Burwash Burwash House and Shop Self

14. John Bryant Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

15. Philip Weston Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

16. William Reeves Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

17. Charles Geer Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

18. Stephen Langridge Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

19. Robert Ellis Burwash Burwash House and Land Self & Others

20. Richard Manktelow Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

21. John Parsons Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

22. John Sutton Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

23. Benjamin Wood Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

24. Joseph Mapham Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

25. Richard Wood Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

26. Thomas Pilbeam Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

27. James Vigor Burwash Burwash House Self & Others

28. Edward Pilbean (Pilbeam) Burwash Burwash House and Garden S Pelbean (Pilbeam?)

29. James Pilbean (Pilbeam) Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

30. James Leaney Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

31. Thomas Burr Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self

32. Anthony Baker Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

33. John Baldock Burwash Burwash House and Garden Self & Others

34. Richard Siggs Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

35. William Cheeseman Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

36. William Mainwaring Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

37. William Dann Burwash Burwash House and Land Self

Residents in 1832

No. Forename Surname Abode Registered in

1. Anthony Baker Burwash Burwash

2. Edward Baker Burwash Burwash

3. John Baldock Burwash Burwash

4. John Blunden Burwash Burwash

5. Charles Bourner Burwash Burwash

6. Stephen Brown Burwash Burwash

7. James Cane Burwash Burwash

8. Thomas Cheesman Burwash Burwash

9. Robert Crowhurst Burwash Burwash

10. John Cruttenden Burwash Burwash

11. Samuel Cruttenden Burwash Burwash

12. Jesse Dann Burwash Burwash

13. John Fleming Burwash Burwash

14. George Fagg Gilbert Burwash Burwash

15. Rev. Joseph Gould Burwash Burwash

16. Henry Hone Haviland Burwash Burwash

17. John Henty Burwash Burwash

18. Richard Hooker Burwash Burwash

19. John Honeysett Burwash Burwash

20. Matthew Howe Burwash Burwash

21. David Hyland Burwash Burwash

22. Joseph Hyland Burwash Burwash

23. James Lade Burwash Burwash

24. Stephen Langridge Burwash Burwash

25. James Leaney Burwash Burwash

26. Richard Manktelow Burwash Burwash

27. William Manwaring Burwash Burwash

28. John Newington Burwash Burwash

29. Samuel Newington Burwash Burwash

30. James Noakes Burwash Burwash

31. James Noakes Burwash Burwash

32. John Noakes Burwash Burwash

33. William Oliver Burwash Burwash

34. John Park Burwash Burwash

35. William Parsons Burwash Burwash

36. James Philcox Burwash Burwash

37. Edmund Pilbeam Burwash Burwash

38. James Pilbeam Burwash Burwash

39. Richard Reeves Burwash Burwash

40. Francis Russell Burwash Burwash

41. Francis Russell Jnr Burwash Burwash

42. Thomas Russell Burwash Burwash

43. Joseph Sawyer Burwash Burwash

44. Edward Simes Burwash Burwash

45. George Sone Burwash Burwash

46. John Sutton Burwash Burwash

47. William Thompson Burwash Burwash

48. James Vigor Burwash Burwash

49. John Vigor Burwash Burwash

50. Philip Weston Burwash Burwash

51. William Winchester Burwash Burwash

52. Benjamin Wood Burwash Burwash

53. John Wood Burwash Etchingham

54. Richard Wood Burwash Burwash

Residents in 1859

No. Forename Surname Employment Address Place

1. John Baldock Esq Private Resident Burwash

2. James Weston Combs Esq Private Resident Burwash

3. Rev John Croker Egerton Curate Burwash

4. Miss Fich Private Resident Burwash

5. Andrew Gibbs Esq Private Resident Tots Burwash

6. Rev Joseph Gould Rector Rectory Burwash

7. Mr Samuel Newington Private Resident Burwash

8. James Philcox Esq Private Resident Burwash

9. Charles Samuel Esq Private Resident Bough Burwash

10. Smith Esq Private Resident Common Burwash

11. William Joshua Tilley Esq Private Resident Franchise Burwash

12. Misses Turney Private Resident Burwash

13. Rev Watson Private Resident Independent Burwash

14. Joseph Bagshawe Farmer Haltdown Burwash

15. Richard Balcomb Farmer Glydish Burwash

16. Edward Barden Farmer Pugshole Burwash

17. Alfred Beale Farmer Bines Farm Burwash

18. Henry Blackford Shoemaker Burwash

19. John Blunden Farmer Southover Farm Burwash

20. James Brook Carpenter Burwash

21. John Brook Tailor Burwash

22. Stephen Brown Saddler & harness maker & Collector of assessed taxes Burwash

23. George Carey Corndealer Burwash

24. Benjamin Carman Farm Baliff Burwash

25. James Weston Combs Esq Surgeon Burwash

26. John Coppard Poors’ rate & tax collector Burwash

27. Richard Coppard Patten & Clog maker Burwash

28. William Coppard Stationer Burwash

29. Alfred Cox Master of National School Burwash

30. Crossingham Blacksmith Burwash

31. Samuel Daw Shopkeeper Common Burwash

32. William Dunk Farmer Perch Hill Burwash

33. James Edwards Farmer Common Burwash

34. Richard Edwards Farmer Burwash

35. Ellis Grocer Common Burwash

36. Thomas Ellis Miller Dudwell Burwash

37. John Blackman Evenden Farmer Burwash

38. Henry Fairway Farmer Burwash

39. James Fleming Hairdresser Burwash

40. John Friar Farmer Glaziers Forge Burwash

41. John Fuller Shopkeeper Burwash

42. Albert Geering Miller & Farmer Burwash

43. George Fagge Gilbert Farmer Witherhurst Farm Burwash

44. Thomas Gilham Farmer Little Tots Burwash

45. John & George Gillett Farmers Willard’s Hill Burwash

46. Mrs Frances Hepworth Farmer Burnthouse Burwash

47. Hobden Wheelwright & Carpenter Burwash

48. Hezekiah Hobden Farmer Common Burwash

49. Charles Honeysett Rose & Crown Burwash

50. John Honeysett Farmer Burwash

51. David (Executors of) Hyland Farmers Burwash

52. Stephen Hyland Farmer Pookhill Burwash

53. James Jarvis Bear Inn Burwash

54. Amos Jenner Higgler Burwash

55. William Kemp Farmer Woodknowle Burwash

56. James Lade Farmer Brickhouse Burwash

57. William George Love Farmer Dawe’s Farm Burwash

58. Thomas Luck Railway Tavern Burwash

59. William Manwaring Admiral Vernon & Carrier Burwash

60. John Maynard Baker Burwash

61. Levi Mepham Farmer Burwash

62. Joel Newington Farmer Green Farm Burwash

63. John Noakes Watchmaker Burwash

64. John Buss Noakes Draper & Grocer Burwash

65. Joseph Noakes Farmer Tanhouse Burwash

66. Thomas Oyler Farmer Bowmans Burwash

67. Henry Pagden Tailor Burwash

68. John Park Butcher Burwash

69. John Parsons Brickmaker & Beer retailer Burwash

70. John Payne Shoemaker Burwash

71. John Pennells Farmer Crowhurst Burwash

72. Baldock & Philcox Philcox Solicitors Burwash

73. William Pilbeam Farmer Climehurst Burwash

74. William Pileam Blacksmith & Beer retailer Burwash

75. Mrs Pottin Farmer Burwash

76. Henry Relf Farmer & Wheelwright Common Burwash

77. Henry Roberson Boot & Shoe maker Burwash

78. James Rochester Farmer Burwash

79. Trayton Rochester Grocer & Draper Burwash

80. Francis Russell Miller Common Burwash

81. Francis Russell Senior Farmer Grand Tursel Burwash

82. James Russell Wheel Common Burwash

83. John Russell Shopkeeper Burwash

84. William Sands Farmer Pouts Burwash

85. Thomas Shadwell Fruiterer Burwash

86. Edward Simes Farmer Poundsford Farm Burwash

87. Mrs Elizabeth Simes Farmer Dawe’s Farm Burwash

88. Moses Smart Farmer Fry’s Burwash

89. William Smith Wheel Inn Common Burwash

90. Henry Spears Shoemaker Burwash

91. James Standen Boot & Shoe maker Burwash

92. Charles Taylor Veterinary Surgeon Burwash

93. William Tester Farmer Park Farm Burwash

94. Benjamin Thompson Farmer & Higgler Common Burwash

95. Mrs Elizabeth Thompson Bricklayer & Ironmonger Burwash

96. James Wood Thompson Builder Burwash

97. Richard Vidler Bell Burwash

98. John Vigor Butcher Burwash

99. Thomas Vigor Butcher Burwash

100. Miss Catherine Weller Grocer Burwash

101. James Weston Blacksmith Burwash

102. William Wilson Farmer & Carpenter Testor’s Farm Burwash

103. John Wood Shopkeeper Burwash

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2 thoughts on “Burwash

  1. My wife and I visited Burwash in October, 2010. We stayed at the Bear Inn and had a wonderful time. My family came from Burwash many years ago. Corner House was the location of a bakery run by John and Anne Marie Hilder from about the 1870’s and finally by their son , Albert and his wife, Sarah Jane (Mepham) until into the late 1920’s. John was the son of Lucy (Warchus) and John Hilder (son of John Hilder and Sarah Collins). Lucy lived on Ham Lane . John and Anne Marie are the parents of my great-grandfather, William John who married Sarah Dann ( her brother is on the war memorial in Burwash, killed at sea in WWI). William John was a miller in Burwash till he moved his family to Lingfield, Surrey about 1888. Their son, William is my grandfather who brought his family to Canada ( Oxbow, Saskatchewan) in 1925. We were able to see Corner House courtesy of the fine ladies at the real estate office. That was one the great moments of my time in the beautiful village of Burwash !! Any information on the Hilder gfamily will be greatly valued.

    • Hi,
      You probably have some of the following but I will add it just in case.
      Lucy Hilder was buried on 15 May 1865 aged 67
      John Edwards Hilder was buried on 28 Nov 1866 aged 76

      There is a removal order for John Hilder the younger and wife Lucy and their daughter Juliana 1 1/2 to Ticehurst from Burwash on 22 Oct 1822.

      Maintenance order on John Hilder the younger, farmers son for a bastard son of Lucy Warchus on 26 Apr 1819. John son of Lucy Warchus baptised 7 Feb 1819. Notes: John Hilder 21 farmer of Wadhurst married 21 Jan 1818 at Wadhurst to Philadelphia Stapley, Lucy Warchus married John Collins 11 Jan 1821 at Ticehurst.

      If I find anything else relevant I will pass it on.


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