Victorian Village – 1857

The following are people who appear in 1857 in Rev Coker-Egerton diaries of Burwash. If you want a look up please post below.

Victorian Village
Mr Taylor, vet
Mr Newington, 83
Mr Cox, National Schoolmaster
Mr & Mrs Tilley
Mrs Isted
Mrs Dann
Mrs Wood, shop owner
Mrs Wood, parish clerks wife
Mrs Mepham, a cripple
Mr Combs
Mr Towers, previous curate
James Russell, funeral
John Pennells, lived near Crowhurst Bridge
Mr Gibbs
Mrs Philcox
Mr J Philcox
Mr Foote
Mr Izard, incumbent at Flimwell
James Waterhouse, an old cripple
Mrs Balinger Farley, mother of 11
Mrs Hetherington, a cripple
Mr Chard, owns boughs & swing gate farms
Miss Chard x 2, sisters
Mr & Mrs Prothero
Mrs Hyland, Park Hill
A Clark, glaziers forge
Ellen Hartfield
Master Pilbeam
Mrs Funnell, shopkeeper
Relfe, wheelwright
Meopham, female
Eyeless, female
James Noakes, funeral
Ann Relf, funeral
Mrs Pilbeam, day school
Miss Shavell
Master Shavell, fiddler
Miss Hayward
Mr & Mrs Barton
John Blunden, postman
William Buss, age 43
Mr Dixon
Mr Luck
Mrs Syns(Simes), Poundsford
Mr Pankhurst, widow Green Woods
Caroline Pankhurst
Farmer Gillhum
David Hyland
James Caller, 23 farm labourer
Mr John Coppard
Mr Fuller
Mrs Pope
Mr Leaney, pensioner of the marines
Mrs Boots
Young Parks, butcher
Mrs Barrow
Mrs Hepworth
Mrs Edwards, Coppards Hill
Gaffe den
Mrs Trower