Victorian Village: The diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton of Burwash 1857-1888

Victorian Village: The diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton of Burwash 1857-1888 Book Cover
Victorian Village: The diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton of Burwash 1857-1888 Alan Sutton Publishing

The Reverend John Coker Egerton was the curate and rector of St Bartholomew Church in Burwash between 1857 and 1888. His diaries give a great insight into the village of Burwash at the time as well as some very important dates and information on baptisms, marriages and deaths of the local inhabitants.

Victorian Village – 1858

These people appear on Reverend Coker Egertons Diaries of Burwash in 1858. If you would like a look up please ask below.

Victorian Village – 1858
Miss Blunden, postmasters daughter
Mr Harding
Old Hawkins
Mr Brook, music tutor
Isted child, funeral
Sally Weston
Mrs Sands
Edmund King
Samuel Waterhouse, age 65, funeral
Mrs Hetherington, widow
Mr Wetherell, funeral Ticehurst
Mrs Hyland
Wheel wall, master of Trinity College
Miss Hashall
Mrs Radcliffe
William Eastwood, road haulier, funeral age 74
Edward Dann
Mr Hyland
Mrs Luck nee Budd
Mr Mackintosh
Pankhurst, Greenwood
John Harmer
Richard Pilbeam
Alfred Cornwall
Joe Blackford, Sallers Brook
Rebecca Croft
Mr Newington
Sergeant Peerless
Mrs Caller
Mrs Watson
Mrs Pope
Mrs Balcombe
Mrs Booth
Old Wood
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Pilbeam, school mistress
Mrs Hook
Mr Barton, stockbroker
James Copper
Mr Smith, farm owner near Rye Green
Mrs Gogmunden of Rye Green
Mr Sargeat
Mr Courthope
Mr Pennels
Mr Morland
J Hilder, Ham Lane
Mr Piper, Hawkhurst
Mr Pope, Brooks Marl
Stephen Elliott
Vergill, female
Mr Cramp, Bough Farm
Mr Taylor
Mr Coppard, overseer of the poor
Jenner Child, funeral
Mrs Tom Vidlef
Testers, Park Farm
Mr Hawkins
Richard Hawkins
Mrs Baker, tenant Honeysetts Mill
Mr Law
John Noakes
Mrs Barrow
Levi Luck
Mr Tilley
Mr & Mrs Dunk
James Caller
John Dann, farmer
Frank Russell, farmer
Mr Combs, post Morton
Mrs Cruttenden
Mrs Hawkins
Henry Waterhouse, funeral, 63
Relf child, funeral
Mr Franks
Mr Cox
Joseph Pittfold
Mary Taylor
Mr Gould
George Fagg Gilbert
Miss Hagley
Miss Easton
James Smith
Richard Balcombe, Glyddish Farm
Mr Bagshawe, farmer
Mr Gibbs
Pankhurst, Pump Court
Henry Pennalls
Mrs Head
Mr Jackson, Brightling
Mrs Waterhouse
Sergeant Major Bond
Ellis Eaton
Mrs Mepham
William Eyles
Mrs Radcliffe
Miss Tilley
Tom Relf, Rocks
Richard Chandler
Mr Joel Newington, the Green
James Payne
Mrs Bull nee Bowles, Brooks Marl
Richard Relf
William Newington

Victorian Village – 1857

The following are people who appear in 1857 in Rev Coker-Egerton diaries of Burwash. If you want a look up please post below.

Victorian Village
Mr Taylor, vet
Mr Newington, 83
Mr Cox, National Schoolmaster
Mr & Mrs Tilley
Mrs Isted
Mrs Dann
Mrs Wood, shop owner
Mrs Wood, parish clerks wife
Mrs Mepham, a cripple
Mr Combs
Mr Towers, previous curate
James Russell, funeral
John Pennells, lived near Crowhurst Bridge
Mr Gibbs
Mrs Philcox
Mr J Philcox
Mr Foote
Mr Izard, incumbent at Flimwell
James Waterhouse, an old cripple
Mrs Balinger Farley, mother of 11
Mrs Hetherington, a cripple
Mr Chard, owns boughs & swing gate farms
Miss Chard x 2, sisters
Mr & Mrs Prothero
Mrs Hyland, Park Hill
A Clark, glaziers forge
Ellen Hartfield
Master Pilbeam
Mrs Funnell, shopkeeper
Relfe, wheelwright
Meopham, female
Eyeless, female
James Noakes, funeral
Ann Relf, funeral
Mrs Pilbeam, day school
Miss Shavell
Master Shavell, fiddler
Miss Hayward
Mr & Mrs Barton
John Blunden, postman
William Buss, age 43
Mr Dixon
Mr Luck
Mrs Syns(Simes), Poundsford
Mr Pankhurst, widow Green Woods
Caroline Pankhurst
Farmer Gillhum
David Hyland
James Caller, 23 farm labourer
Mr John Coppard
Mr Fuller
Mrs Pope
Mr Leaney, pensioner of the marines
Mrs Boots
Young Parks, butcher
Mrs Barrow
Mrs Hepworth
Mrs Edwards, Coppards Hill
Gaffe den
Mrs Trower

Sussex Folk and Sussex Ways – an index

I have made a quick index of Rev Coker-Egertons book, Sussex Folk and Sussex Ways. If you need a lookup please post name and page number below.

Rev A Eden 17
Mr Skinner, Miller 21
Archdeacon Courtail 35
Mike Hamilton/Hambledon 51
Mrs Hussey 54
John Fuller 54
Bodle Holmes photo between 78 and 79
Samuel Orange 93
Mr Cason 94
Richard Balcombe 101
Tom Sayers 109
Bob Brettle 109
Thomas Foster of Penshurst 110
W Richardson of Leigh 110
Mr Cooper 101
Mr Driver 101
Mr Gibson 112
Mr Fleming 112
Rague Kemp photo between 124 and 125
Master Upfield 125
Tom Cladpole 125, 126
Robert Faber 133
Mr Russell, mill owner 133, 134
John Vigor 137
Mrs Blundell, Franchise farm 137
Mrs Langridge, Rye Green Farm 137
Johannesburg de Cressyngham, Vicar of Burwash 138
Walter Wokenolle 138
Joanna Wokenolle 138
William Lonnesford 138
Joanna Lonnesford nee Wokenolle 138
John Lunsford 138
William Breton 138
Richard Swafham, parson of Burwash, 139
Joan Collin 139
Collyns 139
Mayes 139
Thomas Glide 139
George Maye 139
Ralph Hogge 139
Master Daw, blacksmith at Franchise 140
J W Tilley Esq owner of Franchise 140
Richard Spenge, parson of Burwash 140
Walter Godlake 140
Parson Stillingflet 140
Walter Godlake, parson of Berwick 140
Parson Hugh Estwell 140
Edward Hoper Vicar of Clymping 140
Sir John Pelham 140, 141
Hoo family 141
A Gibbs Esq 141
Andrew Thatcher 141
John Lewkenor 141
Cruttendons 142
Collinses 142
Hepdens 142
Westons 142
John Dawe 142
Margaret Dawe 142
Joseph Noakes 142
Thomas Donet 142
Rose Donet 142
Jane Donet 142
John Donet 142
William Donet 142
Harry Donet 142
Master H Maphams 143
James Thrushe 143
Sir Thomas Maye owner of Franchise 143
Thomas Maye 144, 145, 146
Mr Durrant Cooper 144
Edward Maye 144
Thomas Nevitt 144, 146
Robert Cruttenden 144
Obedience Cruttenden 144
Mr Edwards 146
Mr Pattenden 146
Mr Langham 146
Mr Whitfield Curteis 146, 149
Mr John Britain 146
Mr Gibb 147
Miss Gould 147
Mrs Wetherell 147
Mrs Holland 147
William Langham 147
Thomas Glyd 147
Thomas Glide 147
Ralph Hogge 147
Cruttenden 147
Thomas Mitten 147
Edward Polhill 147, 148, 152
Mr Gould 148
Thomas Goldham, parson of Burwash 148
Mr Joseph Bennett 148
Thomas Englsh Esq 148
Mr Charles Morton 148
Robert Glazier 149
Nathaniel Panton 149
John Gutsole 150
Edward Austen 150, 151
Samuel Jones, Salehurst 150, 151
William Gibbons 150, 151
Edwin French 151
William Cruttenden 151
Mr Stevenson 151
Mrs Cramp, Daws farm 152
John Baker 152
Mr Jordan, vicar 153
Mr John Cruttenden 153
Mr Henry Goldsmith 153
Mr Edward Austen 153
Mr Paul Gibbs 153
Mr John Lawrence 153
Mr Cramp, Daws farm 153
Mr Andrew Gibbs 153
Mr Breach 153
Elizabeth Breach 153
Mr Hurdis, curate of Burwash 155, 156
John Hicks 156, 157, 159
John Vigor 156, 157, 158
Mr Newberry, Heathfield 156
Mr Fuller, Rose Hill 156
Mr Courthope 156
Mr Robert Hawes, Markly 157
Robert Watson 157
Mr J B Noakes, draper and Grocer 157
Mrs Lydia Luck 158
Mr Dunk 158
Mr Joel Newingon 158
Thomas Baldock, surgeon 159
Mr Taylor 159
Mr Frank Russell 159
Ben Wood 159
Richard Pilbeam 159
Edward Plbeam 159
Deborah Pilbeam 159
Tom Wood 159
Cane Family 159
Master Weeks 160
Mr Simes 160
Mr William Smith 161
Mr Francis Trower 161, 162
Mrs Holland 162
Mr James Ellis.162
Rev Joseph Gould 162
Rev Ernest Hawkins 162
Widow Hoash 163
Mother Cruttenden 163
Margery Dawe 163
Doegood Fuller 163
Maria Cryer 163
Thomas Lavender 163
Francisca Thunder 163
Faintnot Owen 163
Thomas Owen 163
Obedience Hunt 163
Grantwizle 164
Thankful Ticehurst 164
Susanne Breach 164
John Breach 164
Elizabeth Cason 164
Paul Gibbs 164
Maria Gibbs 164
Domina Elizabeth Webb 164
Thomas Dike 164
Polhill 164
Edward Polhill 164
Thomas Polhill 164
Mr Cason 164
Mr Webb 165
Mr Constable 165
Goodman Avory 165
Mr Polhill 165
Doctor Paul Gibbs 165

Information on Hilder family Burwash needed.

Had the following comment from Ted Hilder in the Burwash section of the site, due to some coding issues it hasn’t appeared and I have moved it here.

My wife and I visited Burwash in October, 2010. We stayed at the Bear Inn and had a wonderful time. My family came from Burwash many years ago. Corner House was the location of a bakery run by John and Anne Marie Hilder from about the 1870’s and finally by their son , Albert and his wife, Sarah Jane (Mepham) until into the late 1920’s. John was the son of Lucy (Warchus) and John Hilder (son of John Hilder and Sarah Collins). Lucy lived on Ham Lane . John and Anne Marie are the parents of my great-grandfather, William John who married Sarah Dann ( her brother is on the war memorial in Burwash, killed at sea in WWI). William John was a miller in Burwash till he moved his family to Lingfield, Surrey about 1888. Their son, William is my grandfather who brought his family to Canada ( Oxbow, Saskatchewan) in 1925. We were able to see Corner House courtesy of the fine ladies at the real estate office. That was one the great moments of my time in the beautiful village of Burwash !! Any information on the Hilder gfamily will be greatly valued.

Webbs in Burwash

I have tried for a long time to connect up the Webbs I have as relatives in Catsfield with those that I have found through the IGI in Burwash to no avail. Below is a detailed look at the descendancy tree of John Webb the eldest of those in Burwash, if you have any information you can add then please feel free to post a comment. I will also make a GED file available in the post if you want to download it.

Descendant Report for Webb, John

Generation 1
1. Webb, John. John was born about 1644 in Burwash, Sussex, England. He married Cogger, Elizabeth on 19 April 1664 in Brede, Sussex, England.
Cogger, Elizabeth was born in 1644 in Brede, Sussex, England. Elizabeth is the daughter of Cogger, William and Farnden, Elizabeth.

Children of Cogger, Elizabeth and Webb, John
i. Webb, John [11]. He was born in 1666 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
ii. Webb, Peter [12]. He was born in 1668 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
iii. Webb, Elizabeth [13]. She was born in 1670 in Burwash, Sussex, England. She died on 2 September 1671 in St Bartholomew, Burwash, Sussex, England.
iv. Webb, Anthony [14]. He was born in 1671 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
v. Webb, William [15]. He was born in 1673 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
vi. Webb, Anne [16]. She was born in 1674 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
vii. Webb, Mary [17]. She was born in 1676 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
viii. Webb, Elizabeth [18]. She was born in 1677 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
ix. Webb, William [19]. He was born in 1679 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
x. Webb, Martha [1A]. She was born in 1680 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
xi. Webb, Catherine [1B]. She was born in 1683 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
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