Names of men from Catsfield who joined His Majesty’s forces in the Great War 1914-1919

  • G Benge Prisoner, R Sussex
  • A Barry Colonel, RE, (T.F.), Red +
  • H Ballard R.N.
  • V Burt A.S.C
  • L Benge R.F.C.
  • C Banson R.A.M.C.
  • R Brett 15th R. Fusiliers
  • L Crouch R.F.A.
  • H Crowhurst R.F.A.
  • C Clifton A.S.C.
  • E Crostford 14th R. Sussex
  • H Crouch Berks
  • C Crouch 19th Lancers
  • J Creasey R.Sussex
  • P Clifton R.S.A.
  • F Dengate Manchester
  • A Divall
  • A Dawson
  • W Dennis A.O.C.
  • H Ewans G. Guards
  • W Edwards W.Kent Yeomanry
  • P Edwards Army Pay Corps
  • H French 7th R.Sussex
  • M Funnell A.S.C.
  • W Frost R.F.A.
  • D Gurr E.Surreys
  • W Gurr R.Sussex
  • F Gurr R.F.A.
  • J Honisett R.N.
  • W Hayley, Major, R.F.A.
  • T A Hythe, Viscount, Lt.Col., W.K.Yeomanry
  • D Honisett 16th K.R.Rifles
  • F Hyland Red +
  • C Honisett R.W.Kent
  • F Head R.G.A.
  • _ Holloway R.G.A.
  • _ Hay R.F.A.
  • C Jarman Red +
  • V Kenward R.A.M.C.
  • A Kenward R.Fusiliers (Disabled)
  • E Livett 5th R.Sussex

Rectors at St Laurence Church, Catsfield

  • 1276 Stephen De Chillye083
  • 1306 Simon De Wynchelse
  • 1332 Stephen ‘is rector’
  • 1344 William Chilli
  • 1361 Gilbert Osmund
  • 1382 Thomas De La Port
  • 1388 John Lytlington
  • 1388 John Coupere
  • 1397 Richard Dulyan
  • 1400 Robert Reygate
  • 1407 John Tydelsyde
  • 1407 John Maister
  • 1415 Thomas Dalyngton
  • 1425 John Shryvenham
  • 1478 William Freston
  • 1527 James Haryson
  • 1527 John Robart
  • 1528 Martin Robart
  • 1531 William Dychborne
  • 1545 Thomas Levett
  • 1546 Thomas Browne
  • 1560 Peter Bennett
  • 1589 Henry Mounkes
  • 1606 Thomas Large
  • 1612 Thomas Harryson
  • 1624 John James
  • 1637 Richard Hodgskin
  • 1677 John Hammond
  • 1708 Edward Stapeley
  • 1720 Arthur Coster
  • 1750 Charles Coldcall
  • 1794 William Delves
  • 1810 William Trivett
  • 1815 William Delves
  • 1825 Denny Ashburnham
  • 1845 Burrell Hayley
  • 1880 John Daubeney
  • 1882 Charles P Eden
  • 1895 James Parker
  • 1909 Charles H S Matthews
  • 1914 Ernest E Ridge
  • 1922 Joseph A Bishop
  • 1924 Marcus _ Truman
  • 1957 The Earl of Lauderdale
  • 1960 Arthur C A Chetwynd-Talbot
  • 1973 Victor R Cassam
  • 1981 Laurence J A Melliss
  • 1986 Dennis J Taylor
  • 2002 Jonathan Warwick Beswick

Webbs in Burwash

I have tried for a long time to connect up the Webbs I have as relatives in Catsfield with those that I have found through the IGI in Burwash to no avail. Below is a detailed look at the descendancy tree of John Webb the eldest of those in Burwash, if you have any information you can add then please feel free to post a comment. I will also make a GED file available in the post if you want to download it.

Descendant Report for Webb, John

Generation 1
1. Webb, John. John was born about 1644 in Burwash, Sussex, England. He married Cogger, Elizabeth on 19 April 1664 in Brede, Sussex, England.
Cogger, Elizabeth was born in 1644 in Brede, Sussex, England. Elizabeth is the daughter of Cogger, William and Farnden, Elizabeth.

Children of Cogger, Elizabeth and Webb, John
i. Webb, John [11]. He was born in 1666 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
ii. Webb, Peter [12]. He was born in 1668 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
iii. Webb, Elizabeth [13]. She was born in 1670 in Burwash, Sussex, England. She died on 2 September 1671 in St Bartholomew, Burwash, Sussex, England.
iv. Webb, Anthony [14]. He was born in 1671 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
v. Webb, William [15]. He was born in 1673 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
vi. Webb, Anne [16]. She was born in 1674 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
vii. Webb, Mary [17]. She was born in 1676 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
viii. Webb, Elizabeth [18]. She was born in 1677 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
ix. Webb, William [19]. He was born in 1679 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
x. Webb, Martha [1A]. She was born in 1680 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
xi. Webb, Catherine [1B]. She was born in 1683 in Burwash, Sussex, England.
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A Sussex Life

I am always on the look out for books which have something to do with the places that my ancestors lived. My hope is that somewhere in them I might find that bit of buried treasure that will allow me to solve some problems with my family tree and also to add something than just a date of birth to a person. I managed to buy a book from Bibliobooks which didn’t have anything really about my family but did allow me to read about life in Catsfield in the early 1900s.
A Sussex Life – The Memories of Gilbert Sargent – Countryman is mainly to do with the authors ‘Dave Arthur’ conversations with Gilbert Sargent who was born in Catsfield in 1889 and lived there during his early life. It also includes extra bits of information for example snippets from Catsfield School’s Day Book and local poems. There are also some great pictures in the centre of the book of Catsfield and various people who lived there.
I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who has ancestors in Catsfield during the early 1900s, it is quite possible you may find mention of them. I will at some point put up an index of surnames that are found in the book.
The ISBN of the book is 0-7126-2037-0.

Just about ready to go

Okay, the bare bones of the site are operational. You have the direct line ancestry of the Webb side of the family, a description of Catsfield and a searchable database of the Sussex 1820 Poll. The database is still being filled up, this will take time but I am most of the way through the Hastings area at the moment. If you have any corrections to make or comments then please contact me through the contact form which I will make available soon.