10 unfortunate deaths

There are a number of very unfortunate deaths you can find when browsing through coroners records.

Here are 10 of the most unfortunate

  1. Killed by the tackle of a windmill
  2. Scalded to death by falling into a keeler of hot beer
  3. Killed by the floor of a granary falling on him
  4. Fell into a dung hole and was suffocated
  5. Poisoned by incautiously eating of the root of hemlock dropwort
  6. Died in consequence of drinking boiling water out of a tea-kettle
  7. Accidentally scalded to death by boiling coffee falling upon her in consequence of her pulling down the tea table
  8. Died suddenly in crossing a stile
  9. Accidentally fell from a cart laden with clover upon the fang of a prong
  10. Accidentally killed whilst repairing a well at Mr Marchant’s by the coulter of a plough falling into the well on his head