Information on Hilder family Burwash needed.

Had the following comment from Ted Hilder in the Burwash section of the site, due to some coding issues it hasn’t appeared and I have moved it here.

My wife and I visited Burwash in October, 2010. We stayed at the Bear Inn and had a wonderful time. My family came from Burwash many years ago. Corner House was the location of a bakery run by John and Anne Marie Hilder from about the 1870’s and finally by their son , Albert and his wife, Sarah Jane (Mepham) until into the late 1920’s. John was the son of Lucy (Warchus) and John Hilder (son of John Hilder and Sarah Collins). Lucy lived on Ham Lane . John and Anne Marie are the parents of my great-grandfather, William John who married Sarah Dann ( her brother is on the war memorial in Burwash, killed at sea in WWI). William John was a miller in Burwash till he moved his family to Lingfield, Surrey about 1888. Their son, William is my grandfather who brought his family to Canada ( Oxbow, Saskatchewan) in 1925. We were able to see Corner House courtesy of the fine ladies at the real estate office. That was one the great moments of my time in the beautiful village of Burwash !! Any information on the Hilder gfamily will be greatly valued.